In Wisconsin, a merger can’t save a community college

In 2017, the University of Wisconsin system merged the operations of each of its 13 community colleges with one of its seven public universities. The move was intended to strengthen the finances of two-year colleges, which, like a growing number of institutions in some parts of the country, were facing a steady decline in enrollment … Read more

Should all genetic research on intelligence be banned?

RHuman intelligence research is usually a magnet for controversy, with papers leading to protests and speakers drawing scorn. A few years ago, several academics attempted to catalog that history and found 111 incidents since 1956. The genetics-intelligence debate is particularly fraught because of the way racists have twisted it to justify oppression and violence. Simply … Read more

Channeling Orwell, judge slams Florida’s ‘dystopian’ ban on ‘Woke’ instruction

After his decisive victory in the Florida governor’s race last week, Ron DeSantis called the Sunshine State a place “where the ‘woke’ go to die.” But a federal judge on Thursday rejected that idea, blocking the Florida State University System from implementing through regulations a new law that places strict limits on what professors can … Read more

When a student appears violent, colleges turn to threat assessment teams. What are they?

After three students died in a shooting at the University of Virginia, officials informed the shaken campus community during a news conference Monday. They announced that the suspected attacker, also a student, was arrested after a nighttime search. They identified the deceased students, all members of the football team: D’Sean Perry, Devin Chandler, Lavel Davis … Read more

For Decades, Black Colleges Have Been Portrayed as Deficient. What Changed?

To the average gymnastics fan, there was nothing unusual about the TikTok video. It followed 16 Fisk University students as they strutted into a nondescript gym, stretched, and perfected a series of tumbling techniques. They landed graceful aerials on balance beams, powered through double back-handspring tucks, and performed split leaps across the mat. What sent … Read more

When campuses close, most of their students are left without the credentials they wanted

Nearly three-quarters of students whose colleges closed between 2004 and 2020 were stranded without adequate warning or plans to help them complete their degree, and less than half of those students ended up re-enrolling in any postsecondary program, according to the report Tuesday. Black and Hispanic students enrolled in for-profit institutions are the hardest hit. … Read more

The deadline dilemma

Caccidentally, Kassor thought she was helping her students. Like many professors, she has been more lenient in accepting late work since the pandemic hit. But last year, it tried something new: it did away with deducting points entirely. She still had deadlines, but she didn’t punish her students for missing them. “I thought it was … Read more

UVA student accused of murdering 3 other people; 4 U. of Idaho Student Death Under Homicide Investigation

Four students at the University of Idaho and three at the University of Virginia died in separate tragedies on Sunday. At UVA, a student was arrested and charged with murder in the incident; in Idaho, details surrounding the death remain unclear. Christopher Darnell Jones Jr., 23, is charged with three counts of second-degree murder after … Read more

Wisconsin Free Speech Poll Delayed After Chancellor Resigns. Now it’s moving forward.

The University of Wisconsin system on Monday will release a free speech survey that was delayed last spring for political and procedural reasons. The survey, like similar ones conducted in Florida and North Carolina, will ask thousands of students at the system’s 13 campuses for their views on “campus free expression, diversity of viewpoints and … Read more